Premier Automotive provides the best automotive air conditioning service and repairs in Tauranga.

1326311Modern air conditioning and climate control are a mixture of electronics, mechanical components and gas and we have the best equipment available to diagnose, service and repair these complex systems.

Tauranga car owners choose Premier Automotive for their auto air conditioning repairs.  We are the automotive repair company you can trust for vehicle air conditioning servicing, repairs, and replacement.

With auto air conditioning, prevention is definitely better than an expensive cure.  We recommend you regularly service your air con system to avoid any potentially expensive problems.  Most manufacturers recommend servicing your air conditioning system every 2 years to keep it operating efficiently.

Common car air conditioning problems Tauranga car owners have

  • Has your air con and heating system stopped working?
  • Is it too hot or too cold inside your vehicle?
  • Do you have poor airflow from the vents?
  • Is your engine losing coolant?
  • Do your air con controls not work?
  • Does your heater or air conditioning make a strange noise?
  • Does your air conditioning smell bad?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then Premier Automotive can help. We are specialists in modern car climate control systems, providing full system diagnosis, repairs and service.

Car air conditioning services offered to Tauranga customers

  • Diagnosis of faults.
  • Repairs to system components
  • Servicing to maintain the air con systems performance
  • Air con parts and replacement
  • Re-gassing and de-gassing
  • Check air conditioning system performance
  • Check temperature and gas pressure
  • Check air conditioning system for leaks