DPF Cleaning, DPF Replacement, DPF Off

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust. Exhaust gases are cleaned by passing through the walls of the DPF leaving particulate matter to accumulate on the inlet face of the DPF. Once the DPF reaches a certain level it must be cleaned. Through filter “regeneration” these soot particles are burnt off at high temperatures. This process is normally done while driving the vehicle.

We recommend the use of Liqui Moly DPF Protector, this is a highly effective additive that reduces the build-up of particulates and thus increases the service life of the diesel particle filter. Vehicles used for city driving and those that drive short distances are especially affected by blocked diesel particle filters. When used regularly, the diesel particle filter remains clean and expensive repair and servicing times are avoided. Diesel particle filter protector ensures optimal fuel combustion and reduces the build-up of particulates. This also helps in reducing emissions.

If DPF regeneration is not possible then the system will need to be cleaned. We use specialist cleaner and purge fluids, a highly effective system for cleaning and flushing passenger car diesel particulate filters (DPF/FAP). This proceedure secures optimum vehicle handling, engine performance and low fuel consumption. The soot is dissolved and distributed in the diesel particulate filter so that it can be burned off with normal regeneration.

We can also supply and fit new Diesel Particulate Filters to your vehicle in the event it is damaged beyond repair or as an alternative we can remove your DPF and reprogram your cars ECU.