Flash Tuning

Flash Tuning, or ‘Remapping’, is the best way to tune your vehicle. A Flash Tune, or remap, is the process by which your coding is modified within your ecu, or engine computer. We work with your engine computers to expertly re-engineer your coding to meet the requirements of how you use the vehicle. So this is computer ‘coding’ and is not something that’s been plugged in, but actually computer coding within the various computers which control everything within the vehicle.

At RD Technik we have spent years working with a number of tuners from around the globe and finally come together to bring to market the most technically advanced flash tuning solutions and highest quality remapping.

We do not simply buy in cheap files from one of the many tuning brands purporting to be experts in tuning your vehicle. We write files here, in Australia, but we also collaborate with some of the highest calibre developers from around the globe as we believe we can only deliver the best product by working in this manner.

The team behind RD Technik has vast experience with such a range of vehicles that we are experts in all vehicles segments, including Exotics and Sports Cars, 4×4, Performance passenger vehicles, Agricultural, Truck and Commercial, Heavy Plant, Marine, Motorcycle and more. Diesel and Petrol models are covered, and we can write files from maximum Economy to Performance, and Race files.

Models which are mechanically identical, but with power restricted from factory for marketing purposes, as all manufacturers now do, can be increased to the higher power level before we even “tune” or optimise it. This is because of the false limitations held within the ECU by the cost-cutting manufacturers, who wish to have one engine to service a host of applications and price points and outputs. The difference is simply software based and provided your tuner has the necessary expertise, as we do, this can be upgraded by Flash Tuning.

For NA motors:

We are pleased to launch RDT-Flash-PLUS. This unique tool combines a transmission remap and ECU remap on one tool simultaneously and is available for naturally aspirated vehicles.

It is also capable of tuning almost any naturally aspirated (non-turbo) vehicle via OBDII. With a true global first, this includes all untunable vehicles, such as Toyota, Lexus, new Porsche 981 and 991 models and Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, as well as new SRT Jeep models and many more.

This is the single most exciting tool we have developed and is taking the world by storm.

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