Gearbox Tuning

The difficulty with the modern day vehicle is the inability to tune a vehicle’s transmission to release the engine’s true potential. The transmission always has the last say in levels of torque and power getting through to the road. The engine can be tuned as much as you wish, but the transmission will always be holding it back and tuning it can not only transform the driving experience but can also increase torque and power and economy on most vehicles.

Chips and Piggy backs can never access load limiters, but even the best ECU tunes cannot access all of the transmission load limiters on modern gearboxes and therefore there is always more torque and economy to be had. Certain transmission tuning has been available for some time, yet nothing has been able to tune a number of marque’s and especially, ‘un-tunable’ gearboxes from the likes of Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Mazda, AMG, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW and many others. This tool is not only able to tune almost any gearbox in existence, but can be done at one of our dealers through the OBDII port, and is done in seconds.

Gearbox response and shifting between gears can be made up to twice as fast, whilst being smoother, and depending on vehicle, includes alterations to shift pattern, shift point, launch control, clamping pressure, converter lock-up, torque limits and more. This leads to smoother shifting, less clutch wear, and a more rewarding drive. For Stage 2 and above engine tuned vehicles, it is an essential requirement to ensure the gearbox can appropriately and safely handle substantial improvements to torque.

In addition to the RDT-Shift, we are pleased to launch RDT-Shift-PLUS. This unique tool combines a transmission remap and ECU remap on one tool simultaneously and is available for most naturally aspirated vehicles.

As with the gearbox flash it is also capable of tuning almost any naturally aspirated (non-turbo) vehicle via OBDII. With a true global first, this includes “untunable” vehicles, such as Toyota, Lexus, new Porsche 981 and 991 models and Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, as well as new SRT Jeep models and many more.

This is the single most exciting tool our engineers have developed and is taking the world by storm.

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