Tuning Modules

Developed and written in Australia, the latest ranges of Performance engine flash tuning capabilities will satisfy the most demanding of clients. We focus the power and torque delivery right across the revs range, rather than concentrating on any particular figure from a dyno run.

Dyno gains are right up there with the best, however, there is much more to a quality flash tune than what numbers it seems on a dyno.

We tune for low down responses and to suit every day driving as well as making your vehicle faster over the rev range. Smooth, linear, punchy gains from low revs, coupled to economy gains and reliability is the aim of our Performance tune. Your vehicle will be transformed into a rapid and more efficient version of itself, rather than a race car.

Our tuning modules are multi channel, working with some of the most advanced architecture and processing power possible in a piggy back system. These units offer a direct plug in, fast installation market leading solution to those clients not wanting, or not able to benefit from, an RDT Flash Tune.

The Basics:

The units are some of the most advanced on the market, with a range of signals we can access. For example on Diesels: direct fuel, direct boost, and on many of our modules, cam shaft signal and throttle position. It depends on the application but our modules manipulate the signals from the engine that we need them to manipulate. Don’t be fooled by ‘tuners’ trying to sell you devices which they claim are superior than anything out there when they are just modifying fuelling. It matters not how sophisticated their unit claims to be at modifying fuel, or what software is being used to modify it, or whether it’s been ‘custom tuned’. They – just – alter – fuel. Things have moved on in the tuning world since the days when such primitive basic devices were deemed a suitable option, no matter how much they can be dressed up. There is always far better to be had if your tuner has suitable knowledge and skill, and the right software and hardware.

In straightforward terms, our multi channel piggy backs are safe because of their capabilities. Whereas ‘fuel-only’ chips can cause issues because EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) to not be suitably controlled nor can AFR (Air Fuel Ratio). Air fuel ratio is important because just adding more fuel to an engine will raise the temperatures. Ultimately this can cause catastrophic failure of components. For this reason it is vital for your tuner to balance fuel and air. More air (more boost) will be provided by being able to directly alter boost. Increasing the boost enough to match the required level of fuel will, generally speaking, maintain safety when done correctly as we do.

Are the RDT modules DPF safe?

Yes. All of our modules are DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) safe as soot levels are the same as factory levels. Again this is due to the multi channel capabilities of our modules. The number of times we’ve had client vehicles using other ‘chips’ or inferior tuning boxes in to us with DPF issues is astounding. The first thing we do is remove their previous tuning solution which was just adjusting fuel, or a very crude method of altering more channels.

Do we cover petrol models too?

Yes our tuning modules are available for Turbo Diesel and Turbo Petrol models including all 4×4 and all new high performance models not yet tuneable via Flash Tuning such as Audi RS6/7 Audi S3, Golf 7 Gti, BMW M5, AMG 63 bi-turbo and many more.

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